I Can’t Imagine the world without Mathematics!

In many nations, including the developed and developing countries, maths education at the elementary grades does not receive the importance that it should. Beyond the very basics like recognition of the numbers from 0 to 10 and may be a simple addition, subtraction and multiplication as the children progress into year 2 or 3, nothing much is done to kindle a love for maths as a subject.

maths tutor help

Come to think of it, can there be one occupation or calling in the modern society that has no involvement of maths at all? One needs at least some maths even for everyday life, from shopping for the daily needs to spending money for a variety of reasons. Undoubtedly, handy gadgets are available to today’s youngsters and of course elders to solve many of their arithmetical questions. But, even to use those devices one still needs simple maths. Therefore, it is very significant for people to enhance or sharp their mathematical skills via an excellent maths tutor help!

What constitutes elementary mathematics?

Arithmetic and geometry are essential components of elementary mathematics.

Arithmetic and geometry are essential components of elementary mathematics. However, in recent years this has also seen a shift to include an emphasis on problem-solving abilities in tune with market realities. We should not forget that the proliferation of technology-based industries including computers and mobile phones are all built on the problem-solving skills of millions of men and women who work behind the scenes. Further elementary mathematics is the stepping stone to understanding science in its multitude of dimensions. As the children progress to the secondary school, the major topics falling under elementary mathematics will include trigonometry, algebra and calculus although these regarded as appropriate for college level students.

Mathematics is a core skill that we need throughout our lives.

There are broadly three areas of our lives requiring using our math knowledge.

  • Mathematics constitutes a core skill for our lives.
  • Basic numeracy levels are indispensable for every adult to function competitively in today’s complex world. Mathematical knowledge or understanding of numbers is a crucial attribute for near occupation as an adult. Consider managing personal finances such as your mortgage, insurance, home budgeting, handling data, investments, credit cards, and you have hardly one of these elements that are devoid of basic knowledge of numbers or elementary mathematics. On the other side, we have the digital world which uses statistical arguments for a variety of needs and circumstances. Elementary mathematics plays a critical role in understanding those arguments and participating in informed decision making.

  • Mathematics in the workplace
  • Today’s workplace, in most situations is significantly different from what we saw a few decades ago. Fierce competition apart, every individual is required to be accountable for his/her actions. Undoubtedly, some people specialise in the higher realm of mathematics, but in the workplace, people do need elementary math to understand a plethora of instructions, expected outcomes and so forth. When people do not understand mathematics in the workplace, they can potentially make grave errors that could lead to significant losses for the business and a threat to the individual’s career itself.

  • Mathematics helps in widening career options
  • Adequate knowledge in math and science are key attributes for which most employers are looking. Again, it is the elementary mathematics skills that come into play here and not the advanced math unless one is seeking a role as a specialist in certain areas. When today’s kids grow into adults and are ready to take on this complex world, they need to be equipped to pursue multiple career options.

Mathematics to drive economic prosperity

Nations, to be competitive in the global economy, need mathematical brilliance in people who run the countries. It is also one of the primary reasons why more and more nations are emphasising on elementary mathematics education coupled with personal finance education right from the elementary grades. In the UK for instance, personal finance education at the school level has now been made compulsory, and many more nations have followed suit. Without elementary mathematics, personal finance education is impossible, and this is yet another reason why elementary mathematics education is not an option, but an abject necessity for individuals and nations to progress.

Elementary math and research

the areas of digital technology

Consider a large number of researchers engaged in finding solutions for a plethora of issues with which humanity is facing. There are several diseases, some of them even life threatening that need continuous research before the human society can rid itself of these diseases. Similarly, in the areas of digital technology, space sciences, automation, supply chain management and more, we need solutions to multiple problems. These solutions just cannot emerge without the help of elementary mathematics, and that is another brownie point in support of elementary mathematics education.

Injecting more fun into learning elementary mathematics is the need of the hour

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Let us admit it! Many of our math teachers at the elementary grades are individuals who grew up in an era when the importance of mathematics was not in focus. Therefore, they were allowed the luxury of treating mathematics as a non-core subject and gradually lose interest in the subject. In later years, because of career compulsions they take up teaching jobs and become uninvolved teachers. Thankfully, today, we have access to a wide range of tools from the digital world to make elementary learning mathematics much more fun that it has been ever in the past.

Abacus, for instance, was not heard of until a few decades ago, in most civilisations. But, today it has become such a sought after the system in many cities and towns across the world. One must experience the system to understand how simple learning has become. Thus, we need innovative thinkers to shed the shackles of the past and usher in an era where elementary maths education will be loved and respected by the teachers and students alike.

There are some other ways in which we can inject the fun quotient into elementary mathematics to make it a subject that our children would want to learn and become masters.

Local Moving—Made Easy With Professionals!

After years of saving up and planning, my husband and I finally bought a house! It was exciting times, and we were all geared up to move from our rental to our very own house. Talk about dreams coming true! Since we were only walking a few streets over, we were on the fence about whether or not to hire movers to do the job. After all, how difficult could local moving be? Well, it turns out it could be super stressful if you don’t hire professionals to help you out. Our friends had just moved a couple of months ago, and when we mentioned doing the move ourselves, they urged us not to. According to them, not hiring movers was the worst decision that they made a move. They assured us that a local move, while not as taxing as moving to a different state, would still be quite a tiring process. So, we took their advice and decided to hire a local moving company to take care of the job. And thank god for that!

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We started off by searching online and finding local removal companies that were trustworthy and had good feedback from its past customers. Then, we moved on to calling up and getting quotes. It helped us narrow down the choices and pick one that fit within our budget. Once we’d chose the movers, we requested them to send a representative for a site visit. It was to ensure that the movers had a clear idea of what needed to be moved. Knowing what needed to be moved and how to move them on D-day would make the whole processes so much faster and simpler for both them and us. The person that we spoke to was very helpful and agreed to send in someone the very next day.


Having a representative from the moving company comes home and takes a look at the stuff that needed to be moved helped in a big way. The guy told us that we’d only need one truck and three movers to move all the stuff, including the furniture. And since the move was within 25 km, we got a great rate!


On moving day, the movers arrived on time and went to work. With their specialised equipment, such as a trolley for moving heavier items and a ramp for loading mattress and other big items onto the truck quickly, the things were loaded up and ready to be transported in an hour. The unloading and unpacking were also quick and made the whole move a breeze. Handing over the moving process to the professionals who’ve done it over and over again and knew what to expect was hands down the best decision we made. Sure, we could have roped in our friends, rented a truck and made a move ourselves, but when you consider the amount of time and effort that would take, hiring movers is the smart way to go. The hassle-free move is the payoff you get when you hire professional local movers. And the best part? The local movers are well-aware of all the rules and regulations of the local council and know how and where to load and unload the truck. It also helps that they know the area so well. They made the whole move with little to no supervision from our ends.


Physical injuries are pretty common during a move. Since neither my husband nor I were keen to take that risk and end up in a cast and be forced to take time off from work, we were glad that we’d decided to hand over the job to the local movers. While we took care of all the other nitty-gritty stuff—change of address, utility bills—we didn’t also have to make a move. I can’t imagine how draining that must have been.

Since we hired movers, instead of being sweaty and tired, we were relaxed and pretty much settled into our new house by the end of the day. We ordered in pizza for dinner and were quite grateful to our friends for their suggestion to hire movers. Moving is a stressful time, no matter whether you’re moving to a new city, a new state, or just a few streets over. So, having reliable assistance during that time can be the difference between a smooth, stress-free move and a horrible, highly stressful one.

If you’re considering hiring local movers for your move, then I say it! Just make sure you pick a company that has an excellent reputation and offers a great price. If money is a constraint, you can look at various cost-cutting options such as moving during the week instead of the weekend, getting rid of some items to ensure that all your stuff can fit in a single truck, and cardboard boxes and other packing supplies from friends and neighbours to keep the costs down.

Professional movers are experts in their fields. They are prepared to meet any last-minute hiccups and have the knowledge and equipment required to make a smooth move. Their job is to make a move as smooth and hassle-free as possible for you, and if you hire the right ones, they’ll do that and more. You can talk to them about any concerns you have regarding the move, and they will be more than happy to offer you suggestions and advice. From how to pack speciality items to insurance cover for loss, damage, or theft of articles, the movers will provide you information on all your queries. And it’s not surprising they are called experts for a reason! And what’s more? Local movers offer attractive rates, and it’s highly likely that their prices will fit within your budget. So, stop worrying and turn to the experts for your next move and expect to have a peaceful movement, with none of the stress and havoc of a DIY move. Now that’s a highly appealing scenario.

Post Pregnancy Shapewear- A Relief for New Moms

pregnant women holding tummy

Woman’s body shape changes drastically during pregnancy, and bulging belly takes a permanent place, even after the baby is out. Many women, especially working mothers desperately want to get back to their pre-pregnancy body shape as early as possible. Bulging and bumpy body parts with postpartum pooch are some of the most obvious after effects of pregnancy, and many women find it crucially hard, yet critically important to loosen up the extra body fat and get rid of the post-baby jiggles. The best way to get the best version of your gorgeous looks after being a mother is to tighten up your thighs, arms, waist and undoubtedly the most important part, your Mummy Tummy. And you can get this with the most appropriate post- pregnancy shapewear in Melbourne. There is a whole range of shapewear available for you to choose from, as per your body requirements, your body shape and comfortable fabric. Appropriately selected shapewear can be a real help for new mums to attain their pre- pregnancy body shape. As most of the women find it hard to develop their new mummy body, even after months or years after giving birth.

Love your New Mummy Body

women holding her pregnant belly

Women feel a lot of pressure to reduce their wait and criticism on delaying to get back to their previous body shape. First of all, you must feel confident and relaxed. As being a mother is something to cherish and feel proud. It takes a lot of guts to nurture a baby inside you and then deliver it out of your body. So, it is evident that some of the body changes will remain there for a while, and you got to make some extra effort to tone up all these bumpy parts. Some women lose confidence over their body. The best way to tackle this problem is to confidently carry your new mummy tummy and then try to figure out ways to reshape it like before. A lot of specific exercises and especially an incredible range of post pregnancy shapewear is available in the market, which is best suited to have the smooth and sleek body shape back.

With an exciting range of postpartum body shapers, you can tone up your body or any particular body part you want to. Postpartum body shapers are critical for all the new mothers to gain their self-confidence back on their bodies, which is the most vital thing to feel good and beautiful.

Significance of Post Pregnancy Shapewear for Working Mother

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With loads of work in hand and assignments due to submit, working mothers get anxious about their dwindling body shape. Shaped up body is vital to feeling good and confident at your job place. And it is a real big task to focus on your work thoroughly when your mind is shaking between other thoughts. Most of the women go through this phase before joining the office after maternity leaves. For that reason, wearing a perfectly fit and body embracing shapewear is immensely important to boost up your morale and self-confidence. Depending on your body type and ability to adapt new conditions, a different time lapse is applicable for every woman. As some woman attain their desired tone up a body within months of their delivery, while others it might be a year. But with consistent, helpful exercises like postpartum waist training, and some flawlessly decent post-pregnancy shape wear any mother can get back to its previous body shape. You just got to love your Mummy figure and get along with it with poise, elegance and consistency. Key to look gorgeous and appreciable is to feel safe and comfortable in whatever dress you wear, and the best way to feel like that is to choose just the right shapewear according to your body shape.

Healthy Benefits of Shaping up your Body with Post-Pregnancy Shapers

pregnant women with shapewear

Different types of Postpartum body shapers are available in the market from various brands, and all perfectly fit according to the body needs of this phase. But the highest in demand body shapers by new mothers are the waist clinchers and Panty shapers. As the jiggling stomach, fat and bulging thighs are the most painful parts to tone up after giving birth and women all around the world have to sweat hard to bring back their sleek and smooth appearance. As you have taken a lot of work from your body, so it’s the time to reclaim it back to its beautiful shape. First, 3- 6 months after pregnancy are highly crucial for your body and yourself, and proper care is needed to stay healthy and feel good.
Following are some of the most popular body shapes that are perfect to get desired body shape post-pregnancy.

High Waist Post-Pregnancy Panties with an Adjustable Wraparound the Belly:

pregnant with baby

This is the ever best product for mothers who have delivered their babies through C-section. Its perfect fit gives an ideal compression and helps your tissues to regain attachment with ease and in proper shape. As woman’s body has gone through various incisions and these four weeks post delivery are the most fragile for it, so a body shaper with adjustable fit and soft for the skin is highly recommended.

Braless Body shaper:

braless top

It gives strong compression to the neediest part of your body i.e. waist. As it is ultra fit and made with comfortable, sleek fabric, it gives a no-show appearance, and you can carry it with any formal dress. This is the best product to get quick recovery to an unusual body shape.

Full Bodysuit with Tummy Shaper:


Full skin fitting bodysuit is the best option to go. It gives support to your breast, shape up your waist and cover bulging fats from your thighs. It is highly recommended for working mothers or anyone who wants just to fit in one piece. It beautifully clinches your tummy in smooth shape and helps to tighten up your tissues back into their original position. Full bodysuits with proper slimming fabric are highly comfortable for all new mums, and assist them to boost up their confidence in their bodies.

How Can A Psychologist Benefit You? Why You Need To Consider Seeing a Psychologist

counselling room

Why You Might Need Counselling

Many reasons can cause a person to need to seek some form of help. For many people who choose to see a counsellor, the need stems from a lack of perspective on their current situation and they need the help of a psychologist to help them break the cycle they find themselves in.

Some of the factors why people may choose to go to counselling are;

Loss of a loved one

A loved one could be a friend or family member, and you may want to talk to trained professional to help you deal with their death and talk through any unresolved issues.


This can cover addictions to substances such as; alcohol and drugs, as well as gambling and other compulsive behaviour. Identifying the reasons why you have this addiction can be the first step in breaking the habit and ending the dependency. A counsellor can help you do this.


couple with ring

Relationship counselling does not just focus on those in a romantic relationship. It can cover families, couples and even friendships. Parents and children, who have issues, can take as much from counselling as couples who are on the brink of breaking up.


A person who has gone through an event that has shocked them either mentally or physically, such as an abusive relationship or vehicle accident can find that the trauma of that event has left them with mental issues that they are struggling to cope with. A psychologist, who can listen and give perspective, can help an individual move forward.

What Is Counselling?

Counselling is the process of people discussing any difficulties or problems they are having, in an environment that makes them feel safe and confident to speak openly.

Some people may choose to go into counselling with the intention to identify an issue and work at it until it is resolved. However, there are others who may just feel like they need someone to talk to, about what it is making them distress, and their intention is pure to get the words out in the open and to have someone else hear them. Once the counsellor has heard this person’s issues, they can then help to resolve any problems or contribute to creating ways to cope with the situation.
The reason that counselling is used to help people handle issues is that it shines a spotlight on the individual’s thought process. This may happen in a way that has not been done before, or it could even be the first time that the issue has been looked at. Counsellors are trained professionals, whose main goal is to help those who need guidance, with an issue and are not sure of what their first or maybe, next step should be.

How Can Counseling Help?

counselor talking to patient

Counselling is a great way for an individual to take stock of their lives and put the focus on their thought processes. Once they have identified what their thought processes are, they are free to analysis what is causing them to think in this way. This is when a counsellor can interpret these ideas and identify the cause and the solution.
Counselling won’t necessarily supply you with the solution straight away. It is more than likely that you will need to have many more sessions to help you break down these old ways of thinking and build up a new way of seeing yourself and the world.

What Types Of Counseling Are There?

The excellent thing about counselling is that it comes in many forms. Some of them will be familiar to us from television shows. However, there are others that may not appear to be so familiar but are still great ways for counsellors to help their patients.

Here are some of the different forms of counselling you can try. This is not an exhaustive list but should give you an idea of what is out there;

Behavioral Therapy

This theory looks at the notion that our behaviour is learnt. Therefore, there is the potential to unlearn it. Counsellors who specialise in Behavioral Therapy like to focus on the present and do not put as much emphasis on the past.

Behavioural therapy is favoured by people who are looking to change their behaviour, for example, individuals who have addictions.

Humanistic Therapies


This is a holistic approach and focuses on an individual’s free will and human potential. Humanistic therapies ask the person to explore themselves and to focus on the present, just like behavioural therapy.

Human Givens therapy, person-centered therapy and Gestalt therapy are all different types of Humanistic Therapies.


One of the renowned psychologists, Sigmund Freud, developed the field of psychoanalysis. This theory focuses on the idea that we do not control our thoughts and that we have to revisit our childhood and any psychological issues that may still be lingering from then to help us resolve our current issues.

Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy likes to focus on our thought patterns. The belief is that the way that we think can lead to changes in the way that we behave. Therefore, cognitive therapy tries to delve into our thought processes to address our issues. The outcome of cognitive therapy is trying to achieve to replace a negative process of reflection which is impeding us and replace it with a healthier, more positive thought process which will help us lead more positive lives.

Art Therapy

This is seen by some as a bit of an alternative therapeutic approach, as instead of discussing the issues that a person may be facing, they physically create something that represents that internal struggle. It does not mean that the patient doesn’t talk about their issues, it just means that their artwork can help them describe what they are going through and it can also assist them to imagine it in a way, that they hadn’t thought to do in the past.

Some forms that the artwork can take are;

  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Drawings

What Happens In Counseling?

As you can see from the above, there are several types of therapy that you can choose from. However, just because the form it takes may be different to others, the overall outcome remains largely the same.
You should remember to applaud yourself for taking this first step. It may not have been easy, and you shouldn’t forget that you are doing something positive even though it is hard.

Your first session will see your counsellor hoping to identify why you have decided to try counselling in the first place, and they will hope to get to know you better.

Here are a few of the questions that your counsellor may ask in your first session;

  • Why do you want to see a counsellor?
  • What is the specific issue that has brought you to see them?
  • What is the situation that you find yourself in at the moment?
  • What are your circumstances at the moment? Where are you living?
  • Do you have a job?
  • Is your issue interfering with your daily life?

Give some details on your personal history

Is the issue that you are dealing with, connected to a moment from your past? Are there other people involved?

Do you have any symptoms that you are experiencing at the moment?
Symptoms can range from addiction or obsessive behaviour to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). If you are not sure if you have any symptoms, then list any behaviour that you believe is out of character for you.

Once you have gotten past that first session, you and your counsellor will start to work on resolving the issues that have been uncovered. This will most likely happen in weekly meetings and will see you making a small amount of progress each week.

The outcome that you are both looking for is for you to change your behavioural and thought patterns so that you do not keep having the same damaging reactions to situations. For example, you will no longer feel the urge to gamble or drink.


As you can see, counselling is for anyone who believes that they have some unresolved issue, which they are struggling with. This could be an addiction or a traumatic incident in your past that you want to address and move on from.

Whether you choose to go to Psychoanalytic therapy or art therapy, the outcome that you and your counsellor are working towards will remain the same. They will want to identify the issue and help you find a way to resolve that matter. For maximum people, this will not be a quick process, as the intended outcome is to confirm that you do not have a relapse and go back to your old way of thinking.

Counselling can be a very rewarding process if you allow yourself to open up to it. This may feel impossible at times and even as if you are not making much progress. Remember that you have already taken the hardest step by asking for help, everything after that is just one step closer to changing the way you view your life and your self-worth.

Doctor’s Suggestion: How to Find a Right Medical Centre in Your Area

Medical Center

Medical centre for sure is a place where our health benefit is secured through potential medical attention, and gradually our substantial health is restored when downtrodden. A medical centre is responsible for aiding those who are suffering from an ailment or disorder, and they can be treated by subsequent medical attention from excellent professional doctors and health care attendants from a good medical centre. Coburg medical facilities are well maintained and looked after for better service. You can find specialised doctors to look after your medical conditions.

Medical Centre can also be seen as a hospital or a building structure practically assigned for the purpose of rendering medical services, staffs support and other numerous multi-functional science-based research services which are mainly provided by a government community service to attend to the urgent needs of beneficiaries therein.

What GP Service should be available in your Area?

An efficient and a reliable GP Service should be available to render maximum benefit to patients for their health and general good-being. One thing about GP is that, for it to work properly in medical facilities, the patients have a significant role to play by keeping up with their scheduled appointments and taking the right dosages of their medicines as prescribed for them.

GP Services that should be available in a health care must be capable of maximising the full potential health benefits of the patients in every circumstance and reducing the disease limit to a zero maximum and undoubtedly ensuring their financial protection against the costs of ill health.

Patients must know what they want about their health and must be able to work hard to keep themselves strong by following important health instructions from their doctors.

How to find a good Medical Centre around your Area

Good Communication enables you to discover a good Medical centre

  • To find a good medical centre around your area, you will have to make certain inquiries from people and online services. An excellent medical facility must be accessible through the Internet for Patients to easily schedule an appointment with their health care attendants and also leave reviews or feedbacks once in a while for others to get in touch to be able to be in contact as well.
  • There should be circulation of information through fliers, tracts, posters, advertisements, etc. to educate the general public on the usefulness of a health care facility around.

To get a good medical centre, there is one thing that attracts people into discovering an excellent medical centre, and that is as a result of the nature of the environment about the quality of the services that are rendered to those who are in need of it.

Now professionally, in the health care centres Doctors and all the health care attendants must exhibit a particular behavioural pattern that guarantees the utmost trust and respect of the community to which he is assigned to work. They must all show a proper ethical conduct to their patients which is putting their patients first in all things and also demonstrate love and care when administering treatment. This will make the patients trust them completely for their recovery. Thus enabling them to feel loved and secure and very open to express themselves to their Doctors and in return, they will recover real fast. Patients also love their records to be kept confidential, and it is only their doctors or attendants that can do just that.

The performances of the doctors or health care attendants speak in the dedicated services to patients. Health Care attendants have a significant role to play when it comes to rendering health services that will generate a positive feedback from Patients.

How Good A Medical Centre Can Be A Life Saver to you


Many times people tend to forget their human nature, and they work tirelessly in search for their daily needs of survival ignoring the one fact that the body needs to rest. Of a fact, if the body is not given the appropriate rest that it needs, there is no amount of sleep that you can take when your organs are not responding properly as a result of the lassitude in our attitude of ignorance, for every action, there is a reciprocal consequence that is attached. Most times people suffer from various strange ailments such as cold or a very hot or burning sensation from within; most probably bronchitis, some chronic headaches, High blood pressures, diabetes, malaria, hepatitis, typhoid, high fever, heart attacks, etc. The list goes on and even some sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as syphilis, gonorrhoea, HIV, etc. These ailments are gotten from our exposures to our environment, people, stress from life factors and name it.

As we are exposed to such negative factors, there is a need to take appropriate measures to shield and protect our bodies from harms that want to befall us or what we do when we are a victim of such. This is where the Medical health centre plays a vital role in arranging and fixing everything that has been taken out of place by such conditions and putting them all back in place. The Medical health centre is a life saver in the aspect of rendering full and quality health care services for ‘free’ to get you back on your feet again. You might want to ask how? Now Medical health centres are responsible for attending to emergencies of any kinds, quality treatment of whatever ailment, prescribing and dispersal of drugs, performing series of test for diagnosis, attending to life-threatening emergency cases like asthma, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, and lots more. With the services of a qualified professional health care attendant assigned to your needs at that very given point in time down to the full period of your recovery, you need not be afraid.